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Attention Vidders! Announcing my 20 Minutes Into the Future Charity Vidding Challenge.

Original Tumblr post:

I would love to see the 1986 Max Headroom tv series episode, “20 Minutes Into the Future,” made into a commentary about this year 2017.

I want y’all to use the dialog and soundtrack from the episode, over news footage images from 2017. Remake the episode using footage of news anchors and stories from the past year.

I will donate $10.00 per minute of vid created, up to 60 minutes, to Unicorn Riot media collective.


1. Your vid must be at least one minute long.

2. Vids must be posted, and a link emailed to me, by December 31st, 2017.

3. The scene must be of consecutive dialog. You can use any section you like, but please do not re-cut the dialog. I would like a re-telling of the Max Headroom story as it aired.

4. Please use one modern avatar for each character in the show in your vid. If Anderson Cooper is your Edison Carter, great, but don’t use Anderson Cooper AND John Oliver for Edison Carter in a single vid. If you make more than one vid, you can recast your characters.

5. There is no limit on how many you can make.

6. Multiple vidders can use the same dialog and duplicate scenes.

Please contact me at with any questions.

Please reblog / retweet / link this far and wide! I would love to see a lot of different entries!
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Hello Femslash 12 writer! Thank you so much for participating, and my thanks in advance for the story you write. I pretty much appreciate all efforts to create more femslash in fandom!

I am not publicly posting to LJ and DW these days, but you can read my blog,, if you want to know more about me and my interests. I am certain that whatever you write will be fantastic -- however, if you want more information about my preferences, click on the cut-tag!

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Sep. 18th, 2010 08:11 pm
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If you read this, you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your dwircle/flist the real you.


A reminder:

Jun. 4th, 2010 12:33 pm
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Hello to any new folks! A reminder: I use this journal for reading purposes only. I blog at Thinking Too Much. See you there!
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Today's Fantastic Fangirls essay is a guest write-in from Power Girl and Polaris, discussing the empowerment they derive from their breasts. (Essay sparked by Megan Fox's comments on her sexual objectification.)

I found it, personally, hilarious -- check it out!
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Give me a story I've done, and a timestamp anything from a few minutes after/before to years after/before, and I'll write a quick ficlet related to it.

No promises -- and not for a couple weeks, since I will be busy this week and weekend. But, give me something and see what happens . . .

Fic is here.
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I can see things coming together for Slightly Obsessed Studio. In other words, my third job, the one as a writer. (As opposed to the first job, homeschooling parent, and second job, air traffic controller.)

The learning curve on all this is steep. But the positive news this week has me burbling and telling everyone I know that I am doing good, really good, despite day six of what I am now reasonably certain is the flu, not allergies or a cold. Positive things this week include:

Cut to my blog entry for the exciting news!
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David Levine very kindly replied to my post. I've added, with his permission, his response in the body of the original blog entry. In the interests of furthering dialog, I recommend checking it out.
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A not-at-all objective review of the Wiscon panel, "Turn Out This is Your Dad's SF."s

" . . . But here’s the thing — I don’t believe there’s a “real” sf. I don’t believe that a publishing industry gets to tell me how I can access my stories. I certainly don’t believe, at all, that anyone else can govern my response to a creative work. Work made on the internet, or through vidding or fanmixing or self-publishing, these are all creative works. They need to be judged, certainly! Some will be good and some will be bad. But the means of their production and distribution does not score points one way or the other on value. To assert that only works passing out of the hands of the artist, through gatekeepers who control the means of production away from the worker, and judged by those invested in maintaining that hierarchy of production are valuable is as self-serving a claim as I’ve ever seen. . . . . "
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Last night was the Twin Cities GLBT concert at Lake Como. A band, an orchestra, and four choirs all performed. As people who got my txts last night may have noticed, I was sort of grumpy. In my meagre defense, I have a cold. The sort of energy-sucking cold that made my daughter wonder if I have swine flu. But said daughter was in the concert, as was my partner, Tern, and my son wanted to see it. I concluded that sitting in a bandshell on decent benches, with internet access, wouldn't kill me, so I went.

But, by 7:30, when Transvoices went onstage, I was tired and grumpy. And I was snarking about the lack of scansion and rhyme in their compositions. But I caught myself and looked -- really, really looked -- at the performers.

They were having a blast. Huh.

Someone clearly had a problem here, and it wasn't the person who'd written lyrics about the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care and set them to the Sesame Street theme. The only person in this picture with a problem was, it seemed, me.

Cut to my blog for the rest of the post.
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